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Murud Janjira Fort is an impressive island fort situated off Murud coastal village. This fort is a survivor as it has stood the test to time without any damage to its bastions. Through the years it has become as elemental as the elements it fights standing alone in the waters of Arabian Sea.

The fort is located on a small yet beautiful beach with gently swaying palms. Enjoy serene vibes here with against the expanse of blue skies and the glistening waters of the sea to keep you company. Those looking forward to a laidback, quiet weekend far away from din and bustle of city life, in close proximity to history and nature will find this place after their heart.

Walk through a fascinating piece of history

Janjira in Arabic means an island and the fort is truly an island in itself, as it is built on an oval-shaped rock. Considered the strongest of the marine Indian forts the visitors will approach it via sailboats from the Rajapuri jetty.

The journey will be a memorable one with the balmy breeze and the excitement of reaching the formidable construction that remained impenetrable to the enemies during its heydays. Built by Abyssinian minister under Ahmednagar Sultan of Nizamshahi dynasty in latter part of 17th century you will be amazed by how intact it has remained until now.

The fort is unique with its oval shape instead of the more common square or oblong. The impressive 40 ft. height and marvelous construction have helped the fort to stand strong. You can experience the magnificence yourself when you visit.

Find surprises at every turn as you explore its unconquered territory

It is interesting to learn that the fort was an unconquered territory until it became part of independent India in 1947. Construction of Janjira boasts of several turrets and towers. These were for keeping the cannons and the guns. All the 26 bastions of the fort have remained intact since the day of its construction. Originally, it housed 572 canons in total but today a few of them are present.

The most famous among these is Kalaal Baangadi. Beautiful stone sculptures, somber tombs and water tanks are the attraction for the visitors. You will also come across ruins of mosque, bath and palace with channeled water from the streams. Functional fresh water deep well is also present inside the fort.

Anyone that have been here will tell you that Murud Janjira holds a special charm, so come explore this firsthand the next time you are in Maharastra.

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