Vasota Fort

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Vasota Fort is one of the hot favorite destinations of trekkers and adventure lovers. As dense forests and a river surround Vasota Fort, so the trek towards the fort is a challenging and daunting one. Vasota Killa is located in the Satara district in the state of Maharashtra at a height of 3842 feet above sea level.

Vasota Fort in Maharashtra

Vasota Fort is around 160 km from Pune and has been declared a protected natural reserve now. Vasota Fort in Satara leaves the visitors completely transformed once they experience the pleasure and escapade of visiting it. They witness amazing scenes of natural beauty and wildlife around the fort.

The Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary around the fort is bound to have an everlasting effect on the visitors. The fabulous views of Nageshwar peak and Shivsagar Lake from the Vasota fort is breathtaking as well. Vasota fort trek comes under the Koyna forest department. Visitors should be careful while they come towards the Vasota forest as on the way they may encounter wild animals like wild dogs, bears, tigers, and leopards.

Best time to visit Vasota Fort

Vasota fort remains close from June to October, so the visitors should plan their trip for the rest of the months.

Vasota Fort History

The history of Vasota Fort is captivating as well. It came into being owing to the efforts of Raja Bhoja II of Panhala. The fort was fortunate to remain with Marathas most of the time. Shivaji Maharaj nicknamed the Vasota Killa as “Vyaghragad.” “Vyaghra” means tiger and “gad” means place.

This was attributed to the difficult landscape, virtually unconquerable. However, the fort suffered a lot at the hands of the British as they destroyed me in 1818 by bombarding me with heavy artillery.

Vasota Fort still possesses certain features that enthrall the visitors that including Shree Mahadev Mandir, ramparts, and ancient architecture. All this has a serene and calming effect on the visitors. They are hypnotized by the awesome natural beauty and tranquility that the Vasota Fort offer.

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