Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

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Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary: Rich Foliage and Exotic Animals

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the Satara district of Maharashtra, Because of the presence of the mountain region of Western Ghats, Koyna is a hilly region. There is a historical fort called Vasota Fort within the Koyna forest. Legend has it that this fort was made by Malwa king Raja Bhoja.

There are some beautiful rivers running through the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary terrain. These three rivers are Koyna, Kandati, and Solashi. The presence of rivers and mountains makes Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary a unique tourists spot. If you want to let go of your worry, you can come here and spend a few days to have time of your life.

Koyna National Park

There are lakes, dams, and amazing biodiversity within the territory of Koyna National Park. All of these natural wonders are worth exploring. There are many species of animals that are present in the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary. You can hire an experienced wildlife guide who will guide you.

The animals you can find at Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary are Bengal tigers, Indian leopards, bison, sambar deer, sloth bears,  barking deer, and mouse deer. There are also an amazing variety of trees present in the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary.

Koyna National Park is very well connected by plane and train. You can travel by air, rail, and road. The closest airport is at Kolhapur. If you are traveling by train you need to catch a train from Kolhapur station.

Best time to Visit Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

October to June is the best time to visit Koyna National Park. The natural wonders and historical relics hidden in the lap of Koyna forest will amaze you.

Other Destinations near Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

Mahabaleshwar Hill Station

Pratapgad Fort

Sajjangad Fort

Vasota Fort

Ajinkyatara Fort


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