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Pratapgad Fort – An Enchanting Tourist Destination

Pratapgad Fort is a huge fort situated in the districts of Satara in Maharashtra, India.  Pratapgad is famous for the site of the Battle of Pratapgad and this makes it a popular and famous tourist destination.

Pratapgad is located 15 kilometers from Poladpur as well as 22 kilometers from Mahabaleshwar that is a popular hill station in Maharashtra. Also, Pratapgad in Satara is situated above 1,080 meters from sea level.

The best thing about Pratapgad is that it was built in a place that looks like the road between the villages of Par and Kinesvar.

pratapgad fort

History of Pratapgad Fort

The historical journey of Pratapgad starts with Shri Shivaray near Mahabaleshwar. After some time Shivaray noticed Pratapgad and took an immediate decision to construct it as a fort. If he would have not taken the decision Pratapgad was not made a fort today.

Pratapgad have two forts. One is an upper fort built on the top of the hill and the second one is a lower fort below the south and the east. Many tourists visit Pratapgad Fort every year because of its viewpoints and landscapes. That is why Pratapgad is a preferred tourist destination in Satara for tourists.

Best time to visit Pratapgad Fort

There is no particular time to visit Pratapgad in a year. All the time Pratapgad is open for tourists and all thanks go to the wonderful weather here at Pratapgad. Although winter is the best season to visit Pratapgad as the weather is cool during this period.

You can easily reach Pratapgad through bus, road or air and you get a relaxing and peaceful stay Pratapgad. So, what are you waiting for now? Plan a trip to Pratapgad today!

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