Lavasa Hill Station

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Lavasa hill station is situated in close proximity to Pune and Mumbai, on the banks of Baji Palsalkar Reservoir. Lavasa is the first hill city in the country. Lavasa hill city is spread to a total area of 25,000 acres and resides approximately 300 feet above the mean sea level.

Lavasa Hill City

Lavasa hill city solely devotes for the tourist who visits here to enjoy the scenic beauty and relax underneath the paradise created by God himself. Many consider Lavasa to be the sparkling city as the visitors are so-called compelled by its beauty to enjoy the unruffled and flawless beauty of the Lavasa hill station.

Lavasa hills being the host could guarantee that the tourist would never get bored here, as Lavasa has many things to offer to them, which include golf, outdoor sports, boating, and so on.

The city is quite concentrated and many regions have been left for the pleasure of the tourists. Lavasa tourism provides various adventurous sport and other wide range of activities planned by the locals here for the amusement of the tourists.

Lavasa Lake

Best time to visit Lavasa Hill City

The climate is stimulating all through the year, but it is advised to visit Lavasa hill station during the monsoon season, as the view of the lush green hills, short-term showers of rain, and noisy waterfalls will make anyone prisoner here, forever.

Lavasa hill city near Lonavala and Pune welcome everyone from distant countries to come to enjoy the nightlife and activities that are offered along with the scenic beauty. One can also take advantage of the medicinal value provided by the hill city that includes spas, aromatherapies, and others. Come one, come all; in the home of God himself.

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