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Hilly Panhala Memerizes You

I, Panhala, is a city and hill station 18km northwest of Kolhapur in the Indian state of Maharashtra. My history is closely related with the history of Maratha Empire and its founder Shivaji. I am the only fort where Shivaji spent more than 500 days. I am a major hill station that is located in the district of Kolhapur. I, Panhala is based at the height of about 3,200 feet above the sea and is regarded as the smallest city in the Maharashtra.

I, Panhala is the perfect place for trekking. I am serene with lush green and peaceful hills with a number of forts residing in me. Nature lovers will enjoy the view of the grand valley from me. I have a towering statue of 52 kilograms of bronze in the honor of lord Shiva who escaped to Vishalgad.

Sajja Kothi Panhala

Though, I am a small hill station, but I enjoy a favorable climate throughout the year. The best thing about me is that summers are not too hot and winters are not too cool. When the monsoon reaches me, it transforms me into an enchanting beauty that can fill you with the fresh and cool air. If you are not much in love with the rain, then you can visit me post July and August.

Road, rail and air travel are the best ways to reach me, and I always ensure that all my guests enjoy a pleasant and comfortable stay, with me. Come; visit me, Panhala.

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