Mayani Bird Sanctuary

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Mayani Bird Sanctuary is located near Vaduj, Maharashtra. Mayani is an ideal tourist destination for people who like bird watching. Bird watching and hiking are the preferable hobbies of many city dwellers. If you live in a suffocating and Smokey city, a few days’ respites are always welcome.

Mayani Bird Sanctuary is home to the Mayani Dam and Mayani village. This dam was supposedly built by the British. Migratory bird comes down from colder countries during the winder. Approximately 400 migratory birds were reported in 2005 in the vicinity of Mayani National Park. This gives bird watchers a chance to see exotic birds. Why not spend this time midst of nature?

Birds like Flamingos, Northern Shoveler, Stork, and Kingfisher are found at Mayani Bird Sanctuary. Flamingos visit Mayani National Park in the winter season. Bird watching takes patience and enthusiasm. You can just buy a binocular and start reading about the birds in your region, then go for a long holiday amidst nature where you can see birds, which are rare and getting extinct.

Mayani forest is also a home of many flora and fauna. Tourists can find several species of insects, plants, and animals. Further many herbal and medicinal plants are also available in the Mayani Bird Sanctuary vicinity.

Flamingos in Mayani Bird Sanctuary
Flamingos in Mayani Bird Sanctuary

Mayani Bird Sanctuary is a place of interest for ecologists because of the huge biodiversity that exists in its territory. But Mayani is also very popular with tourists and adventurous people, because of the beauty of nature that exists at Mayani Bird Sanctuary. Mayani National Park is close to Satara City and it is very well connected by train.

There are a variety of hotels and choice of hotels that exists here, you can take your pick from the high-end or reasonably priced hotel. The birds you can see at Mayani Lake are Flamingos, brahmin ducks, common spoonbills, coot, painted storks, and black ibis.  If you don’t want to spend all your time watching birds, you can just have a boat ride in Mayani lake.

Best Time to Visit Mayani Bird Sanctuary

The best time to visit the Mayani sanctuary is during winters i.e. in the month of November, December, and January. The Winter season is a golden opportunity to see the rare species of birds near Mayani Lake.

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