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Janjira Fort (Janjira Jal-durg) in Raigad district is a colossal structure that appears formidable and impenetrable in every way to the onlookers. A marvel of architecture stands tall, an island in itself surrounded by the waters of the Arabian Sea.

Built-in the end of the 17th century, Janjira Fort is ancient engineering at its best. Recognized as a unique monument people from all parts of the country frequent here round the year. There are spirituality and adventure infused into the pristine landscape here.

The expansive sandy beaches and the majestic fort outlined by swaying coconut and palm trees make this a picture-perfect destination for an idyllic holiday. Come away here for your date with history.

Reaching Murud Janjira Fort is not difficult; you can access it via all established modes of transport.

How to Reach Murud Janjira by Road

Extremely well connected via the roads, buses frequent to Murud from Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, and Thane. Budget travelers will get highly decent options. Those looking to stick to their own time and schedule have no cause for disappointment.

You can always avail of taxi services. These are quite easy to find. Outstation cab services also operate here so you may even consider online booking.

Finally, those planning to travel with their own vehicle will find it a fantastic and convenient option. This will also give you the flexibility to commute within Murud. Otherwise, upon reaching here you have to depend on auto-rickshaws for the purpose.

How to Reach Murud Janjira by Train

For most people, train journeys are a perpetual reminder of childhood with fond memories. You can go to this highly popular option for traveling in India to reach Murud Janjira. There is a good frequency of trains on this route.

Upon reaching Roha on Konkan Railways, the nearest rail station it is quite easy to find cabs that take you to Murud. Once in the town, finding suitable accommodations depending on your budget will be the last problem.

How to Reach Murud Janjira by Air

When time is of the essence and you want to reach this dream destination as quickly as possible to begin your vacations, flights are the natural option. Chattrapati Shivaji International Airport Mumbai is the nearest airport from here; it is situated almost 100 km from Murud. Once at the airport, you can simply book a cab to reach this grand hill fort!


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Map of Murud Janjira Fort

Explore Murud Janjira Fort with a map. Murud Janjira Fort Map showing city attractions, roads, hospitals, police stations, and many important places. Get complete information about Murud Janjira Fort and plan your holidays.

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