Tourist Places To Visit In Amravati

Amravati is the 7th most populous city in Maharashtra, India. Amravati enjoys interesting mythological importance and is blessed with greenery all around. Amravati existed for more than a thousand years. The history of Amravati discloses that it was under the Yadava dynasty during the 13th century and then under the ruling of the Shri Ranoji Bhonsle, Amravati got another name called Bhonsle ki Amravati.

Narnala Fort, Chikhaldara
Narnala Fort, Chikhaldara

Amravati Tourism

Amravati has been enjoying considerable attention from people across the country as Amravati tourism is worth undertaking. Amravati houses some of the significant mythological temples in India, natural lakes, wildlife sanctuaries, and beautiful hill stations.

Amravati is connected by road, rail, and air in an excellent way. It is positioned on the route of Mumbai-Kolkata National Highway NH6.

Places to Visit in Amravati

Ambadevi Temple, Amravati
Rajkamal Square, Amravati
Melghat Tiger Reserve, Amravati
Chikhaldara Hill Station, Amravati
Gawilgadh Fort, Amravati
Upper Wardha Dam, Amravati
Hurricane Point, Amravati
Pandit Nehru Botanical Gardens, Amravati

Interesting Facts of Amravati

After Bhonsle, Amravati history states that it was ruled by the Nizams and finally the British. It is believed that Amravati was the center of several social movements organized by Indian freedom leaders then.

  • 646,801 is the current population
  • 93.03% literacy rate.
  • Marathi, Hindi, and English are the official languages
  • 1,125 ft above sea level

Amravati is located in the middle of the cotton-growing region and divides the zone into Purdha Basin and Wardha Basin. Amravati is blessed with two very beautiful lakes called Chhatri Talao & Wadhari Talao.

Weather and Climate in Amravati

Amravati enjoys a tropical wet and dry climate, as Amravati in Maharashtra, lies at an elevation far away from the coastline. Amravati experience an extreme form of climate with winters becoming very cold and summers intolerably hot.

Amravati has a winter season from November-March, and March-June is dominated by summer. Rainfall is reasonable. Winter is the best time for tourists to visit Amravati.

Culture in Amravati

People at Amravati relish Varadi Cuisine that is spicier than the southern Maharashtrian regions. Compared to fish, Chicken and Mutton are eaten more. Maximum dishes are prepared using Gram flour. Amravati is a modern city where it offers a good nightlife experience like pubs, bars, multiplexes, multi-cuisine restaurants, and shopping malls.

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