Places to Visit in Kelshi Beach

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Beaches are ideal places to spend your time with nature. You can enjoy the pleasant weather, soothing atmosphere, sunset and sunrise at a beach. Kelshi is one of the famous beaches in Maharashtra who will provide all above sightseeings to tourists.

Below are the must visit places when you are at Kelshi Beach:

Harihareshwar Beach and Temple:

Harihareshwar is situated amidst four hills. It is famous for beach and Shiva temple. The tranquility of the nature can be best felt on taking a stroll through beaches of Harihareshwar. Unpolluted air and cool breeze make this an ideal vacation spot.

Harihareshwar Temple
Harihareshwar Temple

Padale Beach:

Padale Beach is rapidly become a favorite tourist spot. The beach is long and beautiful with ample to explore and run around. One can enjoy beautiful sunset at the beach.

Harihareshwar Beach
Harihareshwar Beach

Shriwardhan Beach:

Shriwardhan Beach is a very gorgeous and lovely beach with pure clean water, serene air, stunning sand and much more attractions. Shriwardhan Beach is approximately 200 km away from Mumbai and can be reached by car and train.

Shrivardhan Beach
Shrivardhan Beach

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