Places to Visit in Ladghar Beach

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Ladghar Beach is located near Dapoli city. It is famous for thrilling watersports activities. When you are at Ladghar Beach don’t forget to visit the below locations:

Harnai Beach

Harnai Beach

Located at around 15 km from Ladghar beach, Harnai beach is a less crowded beach where you can spend your evenings calmly and walk around the beach. There are very few staying options available at Harnai. Harnai is a port too from where people can buy freshly caught fishes.

Karde Beach

Karde Beach Dapoli

Before going to Harnai beach you can spend some time on Karde beach. Karde beach is located just 5 km from Ladghar and is the best option for watersports too.

Kdyavarcha Ganpati, Anjarle

Kadyavarcha Ganpati Anjarle

This is an old Lord Ganesha Temple visited by locals and tourists from all over Maharashtra. The temple is around 400 years old situated on a hilltop. The journey to this temple from Ladghar beach is exciting. You can explore the Konkan culture while traveling to the Kdyavarcha Ganpati temple.

Apart from the above 3 sightseeing options, there are many old temples and Masjids to explore when you visit the Ladghar beach. So, enjoy your trip!

Other Destinations Near Ladghar Beach

Anjarle Beach

Kelshi Beach

Karde Beach

Dabhol Beach

Dapoli Beach

Harnai Beach

Guhagar Beach

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