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Beaches are ideal tourist spots. Not just for tourists alone, these are all-time favourites of inhabitants as well. The pleasant weather, soothing atmosphere, sunset and sunrise are some of those breathtaking visuals that one can enjoy in a beach.

Harihareshwar is a town located on the Raigad district of Maharashtra. Situated amidst four hills, this town has a famous temple to its north with the presiding deity as Shiva. Apart from spiritual significance, this town is a tourist spot with two of its popular beaches located on the north and south entrances of the temple.

Harihareshwar Beach:

The tranquility of the nature can be best felt on taking a stroll through beaches of Harihareshwar. Unpolluted air and cool breeze make this an ideal vacation spot. There is a small hill, called the Harihar hill, by the shore of the beach that adds to beauty of the place. With small boats available all the time, tourists can enjoy the fun of water rides in the beach.

Sightseeing at Harihareshwar beach is so much of fun and can be best enjoyed during sunset. With boat rides and water scooters around, Harihareshwar beach is a must-visit place during the months of October and March. Some of the other beautiful places to see at Harihareshwar beach include Ganesh Gully, Bagmandala, Velas beach and Banko Fort to name a few.

Harihareshwar temple:

Being a prime tourist attraction, there are umpteen places to see at Harihareshwar beach. The major attraction is the Harihareshwar temple that comprises two adjacent temples. One of it is a small kalbhairav temple that needs to be visited first and the other is the main temple with Shiva as main idol. There is also another route known as pradakshina route which goes via seashore.

Velas beach:

This is another beach located close to Harihareshwar beach. The most striking feature of this beach is that one can watch turtles actually hatching their eggs. This beach is a 30-minute drive from Harihareshwar by ferry.


A few miles away from Harihareshwar beach, one can spot a lovely town called Bagmandala. With jungle jetty as the main attraction, one can locate many ferries that might take you across the creek of Bagmandala.

Ganesh Gully:

The next sightseeing at Harihareshwar beach is the Ganesh gully. With an idol of Lord Ganesh placed at the end of a culvert between two Rocky Mountains, it is noticed that idol can be seen during the tidal period. An astonishing sight by itself, people flock over here to see such divine beauty.

Bankot Fort:

Amongst other places to see at Harihareshwar beach is the Bankot fort, which is situated few miles away from the beach. The entrance of the fort has a temple with Lord Ganesh as its presiding deity. The unique feature of this fort is its square-shaped design. With Jamba stones adorning the walls of the fort, one can even witness an idol of Lord Maruti placed right at the centre of the fort.

For all those photographers and nature lovers, sightseeing at Harihareshwar beach could be exciting and adventurous as well. With a serene atmosphere, this place gives more than one could ask for anything. Not just the beaches, but different places to see at Harihareshwar beach could be an enchanting experience for one and all.

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