Satara Tourism

Satara Tourism | Places to Visit in Satara

I am Satara, a district in the western state of India- Maharashtra. I am 2320 ft above the sea level. History of Satara states that my existence and origin dates back to the 16th century, when I was the seat of Raja of Satara. I was proud to be one of the capitals of the prestigious Maratha Empire.

Facts of Satara

My total area measures 22.48 square kilometer and 326,789 is my total population. My official language is Marathi. However, Hindi and English are well spoken and understood by my people. Kannada and Gujarati are also spoken by some of my inhabitants. I do not just have Hindus, but all religious followers live in harmony in my lap. My people are educated as I enjoy a thriving average literacy rate reading around 80 percent.

Climate and Weather in Satara

I enjoy a tropical wet and dry climate my temperature varies in the range 33 °C to 38 °C in Summer and 5 °C to 20 °C in winter. Summer is not an ideal time to pay me a visit as it is too hot. However, winter can be good for my tourism. Rainfall is good.

Satara Tourist Places

I, Satara city, bathed in natural beauty, offers panoramic views to my dear visitors. I am proud to present 12 natural parks, 23 sights & landmarks, 1 amusement park and 1 museum. Now, I would like to list some of the names that capture the attention of my tourists. Kaas Plateau or Flower Plateau is now the world’s heritage site, Kaas lake, Thoseghar Waterfall, Koyna dam, Sajjangad, Pratapgad fort, Chalkewadi Windmill Farm, Chapha (Sri Ram Mandir), Ajinkyatara fort, Narayan Maharaj Math, Natraj mandir, Dholya Ganpati, Shivsagar lake, Lingamala falls, Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani and a lot more to mention here by me. I am well connected by road and rail, hence Satara tourism will offer my visitors nothing but bliss and convenience. National Highway 4 running Mumbai-Chennai goes through me.

Culture in Satara

The culture of Maharashtra can be witnessed in all its cities and I am no exception in this matter. Maharashtrian food can be widely available, but nevertheless, multi cuisine restaurants are not uncommon in my land. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are popular with my inhabitants. My people, as would several Satara city guide would say, Khandi pedey- a kind of sweet is very famous with locals and tourist alike. Shopping destination, including art and craft shops, are located here. My people are friendly.

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