Ajinkyatara Fort

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Ajinkyatara, the literal meaning of which translates into “The Impregnable Star” as some people define it. The geographical location of Ajinkyatara fort made it unconquerable, as it is located at Ajinkyatara Mountain, which is around 3300 feet high.

Ajinkyatara Fort Maharashtra

Ajinkyatara Killa is the most preferred spot for tourists because of the breathtaking views it offers from the top. The height is a bonanza for the trekkers and the fun-loving people as they experience some of the most amazing moments of their life.

Once travelers are done with the arduous and challenging journeys to reach Ajinkyatara Fort, It offers magnificent views of the entire Satara city. Ajinkyatara Fort in Maharashtra can be easily visited by rail or road. Tourists witness plenty of trees with colorful leaves on their way to Ajinkyatara. The whole atmosphere is lively and pleasant.

The historical link of Ajinkyatara Killa is equally interesting. Shahu Maharaj conquered the fort in 1708 AD and Ajinkyatara remained with the Marathas until 1818 AD.  Ajinkyatara Fort was critical for the rulers as they could keep an eye on the entire south of Maharashtra from the top. This was one of the major advantages for the rulers.

Besides the height and overwhelming views of nature, Ajinkyatara Fort has various temples which make the whole atmosphere full of reverence. The natural beauty and the religious aura humble the tourists. The temples of Devi Mangalai, Lord Shankar, and Lord Hanuman are in the vicinity of Ajinkyatara Fort and the tourists visit these places in order to get blessings.

Ajinkyatara Fort has a lot of tanks, wells, buildings, and stores inside. There is a wireless relay station now over the top. The fort offers some of the magnificent panoramic views of the city and the surrounding areas including Nandgiri fort, Chandan-Vandan fort, Jarandeshwar hills, and Yawateshwar hills. There are seven lakes that adorn the Ajinkyatara fort and enthrall the tourists.

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