Chikhaldara Hill Station

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The Green Hills of Chikhaldara Plateau

Chikhaldara is a plateau in the Amaravati district of the western-Indian state of Maharashtra. Chikhaldara is the exclusive coffee growing region and a popular tourist destination due to its pleasant weather, in the state. But its imprints have been prominent for eons; since the ancient Vedic age.

It was Chikhaldara who witnessed Lord Krishna carrying his wife Rukmini. The name Kichakdara, the Valley of Kichak originated when the erstwhile king Kichak was killed by Bheema and his body surrendered to Chikhaldara depths, as described in the ancient, mythological epic of Mahabharata. Later, Chikhaldara hillstation was rechristened to its present name Chikhaldara.

Chikhaldara Hill Station

Spending almost a thousand years in oblivion, Chikhaldara was rediscovered by Captain Robinson, a British soldier serving in the Hyderabad Regiment, in the year 1823. Upon rediscovery, Chikhaldara hill station became an instant hit amongst the English, for lush green hills, reminded them of their homeland; especially during the autumn.

Being a small plateau located near Nagpur, Chikhaldara has a population of around 5000 people, but more than 80% of people living in Chikhaldara can read and write. With Nagpur being the nearest airport, Chikhaldara hill station is well connected through road and rail transport with cities like Nagpur, Amaravati, and Paratwada.

Being a plateau Chikhaldara boast of amiable weather all around the year and even during the summer months, but the South Western Monsoon causes heavy precipitation. The temperature at Chikhaldara ranges between 15-25 degrees celsius.

People say Chikhaldara is prettiest during the autumn season when Chikhaldara hills burst with foliage and the streams and waterfalls spring back to life. But it is no less beautiful during the winter months. From October to March is the best season to visit Chikhaldara, but if you love the rains on the hills, you are welcome to Chikhaldara in the monsoon!

Best time to Visit Chikhaldara

Chikhaldara tourist place is situated around 1100 meters from the sea level. The best months to visit Chikhaldara are from October to February, i.e. in Winter. The atmosphere here is cool in this period and tourists can enjoy the beauty of nature in the winter season.

Weather in Chikhaldara

Monsoon starts from June month in Chikhaldara and it experiences heavy rainfall during 4 months of monsoon, i.e. June, July, August, and September. The average temperature in monsoon is 25°C.

Winter in Chikhaldara starts from November to February and the temperature in this season goes down to 15°C. Summer is very hot. During the month of March, April and May the temperature goes high in the range of 32°C to 40°C. Hence it is suggested to avoid visiting Chikhaldara in Summer.

Chikhaldara Temperature

Monsoon- 15°C to 25°C
During winter the temperature goes down to 10°C to 15°C
Summer- 32°C to 40°C

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