Kailasa temple, Ellora

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I am one of the greatest wonders of architecture who is made up from a single rock inside Ellora. I am a proud single stoned megalith who was built long back in the 8th century by Rashtrakuta king Krishna I. I am a part of the 34 temples and monasteries inside Ellora caves.

While exploring Ellora you will sight me as The Kailasa. The Dravidian hands and expertise of the elaborate piece of art that I am is notable and has gained the fame all over the world. When the dynasty of Rashtrakuta was on I was completed as a temple for worship by the founder.

Gods and Importance at Kailasa Temple

I am the home for Lord Shiva constructed in a very intriguing manner. After the scoop of more than 40,000 tons of rocks for over hundred years I was made with highly secure and rigid tradition being followed. Archaeologists are deeply in the facts and matters to study my structures and origins. Right from the type of chisel to the number of years old, they are trying to dig out maximum information as possible.

What Kailash Temple have to Offer?

I have a huge idol of Shiva made up in the traditional texture. In the courtyard I have the vehicle of Shiva residing with equal superiority, Nandi, on the entrance. There is a Shiv lingam inside housed for the ease of devotees to venture in with offerings and to seek blessings.

Continuing with the Indian style of temples made there are pillars and walls which have the images carved out of other deities and mithunas which add further importance to the already attractive work of sculpture.

Lord Shiva is not alone at Kailashnath Temple

Yes Apart from these luring pieces I am a witness of having grand sculpture of Ravana who is lifting the Mount Kailasa with his might and rigor which is depicted on his face really well. This is again a milestone in the Hindu architecture.

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    If you want to explore the art of India, you should visit the Kailasa Temple at Ellora caves. This is a perfect example of the old India architecture.


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