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Situated on the grand Arabic Sea, Diveagar has an extremely clean and wide beach blessed with intense natural beauty and is coming up as an extremely popular beach tourism destinations in Maharashtra.

This is a splendid beach only at a distance of 15 km from Shrivardhan and Harihareshwar but unlike most of the other beaches in the Raigad district, the beach is not flat with rocks strewn here, and therefore tourists should be careful while on the beach.

Diveagar is ideally located at perfect distance from both Mumbai and Pune as an ideal weekend destination. It is neither too far nor too close and can be easily reached from any part of India without much difficulty.

How to Reach Diveagar Beach By Road

Located only at a distance of 40 km from off NH17 from and 85 km from Alibaug, can be easily reached by road from Mumbai and Pune. It is approximately at a distance of 170km from Pune and a drive to Diveagar doesn’t take more than 4 to 5 hours.

The road to via the Tamhini ghats is amazingly beautiful especially during and after monsoons. In order to reach Diveagar from Mumbai one is required travel till Mangaon on NH 17 and then reach the beach that is only 40km away from there.

How to Reach Diveagar Beach from Pune:

From Pune to reach Diveagar head towards Lavale – Paud – Mulsi to Nizampur. Then from Nizampur head towards Mangaon – Chandore – Mhasala – Mendadi and reach Diveagar.

How to Reach Diveagar Beach from Mumbai:

To reach Diveagar from Mumbai head towards Panvel. From Panvel you can reach Diveagar by two routes.

  • Route 1: Panvel – Khopoli – Durshet – Pali – Kolad – Mangaon – Mhasala – Diveagar
  • Route 2: Panvel – Karnala – Pen – Vadkhal – Kasu – Nagothane – Roha – Uchel – Mandad – Kude – Mhasala – Diveagar

How to Reach Diveagar Beach By Train

If you want to reach Diveagar by train you need to travel from Mumbai but reaching Diveagar is much easier by road than by train. Mangaon is the nearest railhead on the Konkon Railway (48 km) and can be reached from Mumbai and also a few other major cities in this part of the country.

From Diveagar distance of Mangaon is 50km and from the station buses and taxis are available to reach Diveagar without any problem.

How to Reach Diveagar Beach Air

Chhatrapati Shivaji international airport at Mumbai is its nearest airport at a distance of 175 km. Mumbai is connected by air with all large Indian cities and also abroad and tourists can take a car or bus from Mumbai to reach directly reach Diveagar or they can also travel by train.

Map of Diveagar Beach

Distance from Major Cities to Diveagar Beach

  • Mumbai to Diveagar Beach Distance – 189 KM
  • Pune to Diveagar Beach Distance – 159 KM
  • Mahad to Diveagar Beach Distance – 70 KM
  • Satara to Diveagar Beach Distance – 186 KM
  • Roha to Diveagar Beach Distance – 63 KM
  • Kolad to Diveagar Beach Distance – 70 KM
  • Dapoli to Diveagar Beach Distance – 105 KM
  • Shrivardhan to Diveagar Beach Distance – 20 KM
  • Murud to Diveagar Beach Distance – 25 KM

Other Destinations Near Diveagar Beach

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Murud Janjira Fort

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