Harihareshwar Beach

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Harihareshwar Beach is situated in the very city of Harihareshwar district of Maharashtra. It is surrounded by four guards’ namely Harihareshwar, Brahmadri, Harshanical, and Puspadri. Harihareshwar in Konkan not only famous for the lush green hills, but also for its traditional values and culture.

Harihareshwar Beach Maharashtra

The famous temple of Harihareshwar is not too far from the beaches of Harihareshwar; in fact, it was named after this very temple. According to a local saying the lord Shiva, blessed saint Harihareshwar towards the northern region.

Harihareshwar Beach is not only considered as a pilgrimage center but also as the perfect getaway for the tourist because of the beaches.

The Maharashtra tourism development corporation has joined hands with nature to provide the tourists with the best possible services in this scenic beauty.

Harihareshwar Beach along with Shrivardhan and Diveagar beach is considered a good destination, suitable to relax from the busy life, to spend creative time with the family, and to get involve romantically with your companions.

The peaceful environment of the surrounding of Harihareshwar Beach is just suitable for the purposes. The visitors could also gain the facilities that are namely the sunbath, sand bath, facial and ayurvedic treatment. The Kalbhairavi Jayanti Utsav is also one of the most important things one should visit for.

Harihareshwar Beach welcome tourists from distant places to enjoy the culture, and relax beneath the god’s most amusing creation.

Shrivardhan Beach Maharashtra

Shrivardhan Beach near Harihareshwar Temple

Harihareshwar Beach could at least assure everyone that he or she will have to pack loads of sweet memory of Harihareshwar while leaving. One can spend an exceptional life beneath the shade of nature.

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