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Want to experience amazing rides, attractions and thrills? Want to enjoy a splendid vacation trip with your family and friends at beautiful seashore? Want to try out some stunning water sports and activities? If yes, then visiting Nagaon is adorable and admirable place for you. Nagaon is a coastal town located in Maharashtra, attracting numerous of tourists from all across the globe. It is famous for its green, clean environment and beautiful beaches.

Alibaug Beach:

There are so many beaches in Nagaon. Alibaug beach is situated around 10 kms away from Nagaon and is one of the most liked places to visit near Nagaon beach among various individuals. From several past years, many tourists from Mumbai, pune and other places visit Alibaug beach due to its best cottages, clean water, tasty seafood and water sports that are available here at reasonable prices. This beach is about hundred kms via road and sixty kms from sea if you are coming from Mumbai and pune. It is central place for neighboring other beaches like Kashid, Murud, Nagaon, Akshi, Mandwa, Kihim, etc.

Alibaug Beach
Alibaug Beach

Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre Samadhi:

Kanhoji Angre was the first notable chief of the Maratha Navy. He fought against British, Dutch and Portuguese on the coasts of India during the 18th century. Kanhoji Angre was died on 4 July 1729. There are eight faces along with sculpted pillars in the Kanhoji Angre samadhi.

Kolaba Fort:

This is another beautiful Nagaon sightseeing place. This fort was built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. It is situated around 2km inside the sea. Tourists needs to travel by boat to see this fort.

Kolaba Fort
Kolaba Fort

Someshwar Temple:

Someshwar temple is one of the best Nagaon sightseeing place situated areound 3 kms from Alibaug. This is a lord Shiva temple located near the deepasthambh.

Activities at Nagaon Beach:

It is having superb coconut, betel and suru trees and sightseeing at Nagaon Beach will fill your heart with bliss and glee. It is very enjoyable and safe to enjoy activities like boating, swimming, etc. here as the surface is flat.

Nagaon Beach Water Sports:

Some of the excellent water sports are new supplementary entertainment available at this beach. You can enjoy a ride in any of the seven to eight types of boats available based on tourist demands and liking. Whether you want to try some of the exciting water sports such as parasailing adventure, jets sky ride, bumper tube ride, banana ride, or boats trip, this beach has something special to offer you every time you visit here.

Horse Rides and Camel Rides:

Along with enjoying thrilling water sports you can have fun of horse rides and camel rides at the beach. This will take you in the memories of your childhood, making you feel delighted and happy from the bottom of your heart. It will be a perfect destination for the people who want relaxation and want to doze around away from the pollution and crowds of the big cities. The water is so pure and clean that makes the view of beach awe-inspiring.

Horse Riding at Nagaon
Horse Riding at Nagaon

Reaching to the magnificent beach is very easy as you choose from bus, boat, train, bike, car, etc. according to your convenience. Public as well as private transports are available to reach the beach. For the people who are coming from long distance, private cars or buses are best alternative as they can enjoy sightseeing to fabulous Places to see at Nagaon Beach.

You may have seen this beach in shootings of several films and to grab more detailed stuff about the place you can visit the online websites present today. On such websites you will get wide-ranging tips, information and fine points related to the beach helping you in making your vacation memorable one.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan for your trip to Nagaon beach with your near and dear ones and have fun and experience that you may never have had before.

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