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India is the country of diversities. From culture to religion to scenic beauty- you can find a great variety of everything here. There are some picturesque beaches in India. Among them Alibag is a popular one. There are some nice places to see at Alibag beach. You need to check on internet before making a trip there. It would help you to make the plan of sightseeing at Alibag beach even better.

You can find back sand in this region. Along with that the beautiful and picturesque sea makes the perfect frame for photographs. The nature lovers and photographers often come here to capture the beauty of this place. You must not miss the serene and heavenly sunrise and sunset from Alibag beach. You would definitely remember that experience for the rest of your life. For people in Mumbai Alibag is a popular weekend gateway.

There are some beautiful places to see at Alibaug beach. You must include those places in your itinerary. Some of the interesting places are-

Alibag Beach:

This is definitely the main attraction of Alibaug town. The blackest sun and blue water will mesmerize you. This is a happening beach and you can see many people taking bath in the sea. You can find many food stalls on the beach. You can also get a view of the Kolaba Fort from this beach. This beach has become a popular tourist attraction in western India. You would definitely love to spend time here.

Alibaug Beach
Alibaug Beach

Khanderi Fort:

This is a beautiful and old fort located in a small island near the Aligar beach. This fort was built sometimes in seventeenth century. For a long time this fort was under the control of the British rulers. You need to take permission from the port trust authority of Bombay to visit Khandery fort. You need to take boats from the mainland to reach there.

Khanderi Fort
Khanderi Fort

Kolaba Fort:

This is another beautiful fort in Maharashtra built by Shivaji Maharaj. It is not possible to see this fort throughout the day. Only during the low tide you can get a view of this fort as it is situated around 2km inside the sea. However, you can take the boats to reach Kolaba fort during high tide. This fort is more than 300 years old. There is a temple of lord Ganesha in front of the fort and also a sweet water tank is there. This fort is protected by Archaeological Survey of India and there is a token fee to enter this fort.

Kolaba Fort
Kolaba Fort

Akshi Beach:

Akshi Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Maharashtra near Alibaug. The clear blue water and white sand beach make it an ideal destination for the nature lovers. This beach is beautiful and secluded. However it has become a popular tourist spot and now more people have started to come here.

Akshi Beach
Akshi Beach

Kihim Beach:

This is another secluded and beautiful beach near Alibaug. You can also opt for tenting on this beach. Kihim Beach is unpolluted and you would enjoy a lot for sure.

Kihim Beach
Kihim Beach

Plan a trip to Alibaug and you would definitely have a lot of fun there.

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