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Malvan beach carries historical significance. Shivaji Maharaj visited Malvan during acquiring the Mugal forts. He is inspired by the Khurte island and decides to build a fort on the island, i.e. Sindhudurg Fort. When you are at Malvan, visit the below places:

Sindhudurg Fort

Sindhudurg Fort Malvan

As mentioned above King Shivaji built this fort to fought against the sea enemies. The fort is built in the 16th century and still stands in good condition. Even the fort is on an island, you can find sweet water tanks on the fort.

Tarkarli Beach

Scuba Diving at Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli beach is a popular destination in Maharashtra for scuba diving. You can get some hours of training from experts and can experience scuba diving and underwater world. This is an amazing experience you must have.

Apart from these two top places to visit in Malvan, you can explore the adjoining Bhogwa and Nivti beaches. Also, there are many ancient temples and churches to visit around Malvan beach.

Other Destinations Near Malvan Beach

Tarkarli Beach

Sindhudurg Fort

Vengurla Beach

Amboli Hill Station

Devbag Beach

Shiroda Beach

Bhogwe Beach

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