Aaravi Beach

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Many of you must have visited Maharashtra and the beaches that are there in Maharashtra. But, there are many of you who do not know my name though I am also a pristine beach in Maharashtra. My name is Aaravi Beach, and for a long time I have been neglected because there were so many other beaches and major tourist destinations around me. And this includes places like, Harihareshwar, Diveagar, and Shrivardhan.

Tourists used to only stop by me when they were tired and I used give them a breathtaking view that they savoured. But because I offer panoramic views of two great hillocks on my both ends, people visit me to have that exotic view.

If you are wondering that where exactly Aaravi Beach is located then I would say that I am located near the Konkan coast of Maharashtra, I am near the famous beach side village Diveagar which is at a 5km distance from Shrivardhan. This particular village is situated in the Raigad district and you will love to know that this place is densely populated with coconut and betel nut trees.

aaravi beach

If you are a religious person then I will not disappoint you because if you visit me you can very easily make a visit to the Lakshmi Narayan Temple and the Somaji Temple.

The nature lovers will love to visit Aaravi Beach, because I offer a beautiful view of the setting sun on the horizon. Not only for this reason the nature lovers love me but they also love because I am near the place called Kasav Mitra Mandal, where they have the nest of the Olive Ridley Turtle.

You can also have the best aquatic sports here, and if you think when you will at all visit me, then the best time to visit me is from March to August.

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