Places to Visit in Aaravi Beach

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Aaravi beach itself is the biggest tourist attraction for spending calm evenings with the seashore. You can explore some of the below places around Aaravi beach.


Harihareshwar Beach Maharashtra

Harihareshwar is surrounded by three hills named Harihareshwar, Harshinachal, and Pushpadri. The river Savitri enters the Arabian Sea from the town of Harihareshwar. The main attraction here is the beach and lord shiva temple.

Shrivardhan Beach

Shrivardhan Beach Maharashtra

Shrivardhan beach is situated around 8kms from Aaravi beach and can be reached by road. Tourists can enjoy a horse riding in and around beach water. Shrivardhan was a historically important city as it is the town of Peshwa who served for Shivaji Maharaj’s Maratha kingdom for more than 100 years. Sunsets are beautiful here.

Apart from these two important places, tourists can explore the ancient temples and Buddha vihar at Aaravi Beach.

Destinations Near Aaravi Beach

Shriwardhan Beach

Kelshi Beach

Harihareshwar Beach

Diveagar Beach

Karde Beach

Ladghar Beach

Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary

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